Features list


Search engines can easily index the content created with Tagbly.

For marketing

Tagbly makes it possible to create modular content. That means creators can have slots of advertisement on their content that can be updated dynamically overtime. Imagine a podcast or video from 5 years ago. That podcast or video have an ad spot on it. This ad will stay there forever. It's too much work to update all the content with new ads all the time. With Tagbly, content creators can have customizable and updatable ads that can be reused throughout all of their content.

For podcast

Have you ever listened to a podcast where the hosts are talking about an image and you wish you could see it? Tagbly enhances podcasts with visual cues and interactive links while keeping the core experience of "just listening"

For VR

One of the biggest challenges for VR is content creation. We are developing a tool that empowers content creators with little technical skills to create VR experiences.

We still love video! ❤️❤️❤️

Tagbly also supports video. You can use Tagbly to enhance video content using the same interactive elements you saw on this presentation.