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Meet our co-founders

Vanessa is an Information Science PHD candidate at the University of British Columbia. Her background in cultural management and research gave her insights on how difficult it is, even for professionals, to create content. Her love for culture and art sparked the dream of creating a tool to democratize digital multimedia production.

Wilter is a programmer with 15+ years of experience in the tech industry. He started working at a young age as a DJ. This proximity with electronic audio equipment inspired him to pursue a career working with electronics and programming.

Vanessa and Wilter are partners in business and in life. During a dinner conversation, when talking about tech and culture they had the idea of what would become Tagbly. The idea grew fast from the paper and one week later they realized that the entire industry is focusing on video as means to deliver multimedia content.


Video is great but it’s very data demanding, hard to create and hard to update. They could not believe that nobody had thought to create content without using exclusively video. Indeed, when looking for patents to see if someone had at least the basic idea, they could not find anything.

In that moment they realized they were on to something. Tagbly is that kind of idea that is so simple and obvious that they were amazed no one had patented it. So they did.

The dream has started. This could be big to create artistic and cultural content. But not only that, this could be very useful for many many areas that use multimedia like engineering, advertisement, architecture, real estate and the list goes on. One simple idea that solves many problems.

Their entrepreneurial spirits brought them from humble origins in Brazil to one of the best cities in the world: Vancouver. Now they are pursuing another dream: they want to push the limits and create a company that will revolutionize the way multimedia content is created and consumed.